How many drinks will we make?
Each drink takes about 20 minutes to make and enjoy. 1 hour class can get up to 3 cocktails.

Which cocktails will we make?
Contact us to request a different cocktail menus. We recommend sticking to one spirit at a time.

The goal of our class is make cocktails using SIMPLE ingredients at home. If a higher level class is requested then the ingredients list will be heavier.

How long do the classes last?
You choose! If you want a class to be 30 minutes then we can squeeze in about 2 cocktails. If you want the class to be longer than an hour then we can do up to 3 cocktails and add in fun trivia/games. Average class runs about 45 minutes.

What bar tools will we need?

  • Shaker or jar with a lid
  • Stirring spoon or just a regular spoon
  • Napkins
  • Knife and cutting board
  • Lemon juicer
  • Pint glasses
  • Rocks glasses

Will you have non-alcoholic cocktails?
Along with every menu, there will be suggested ingredients for those who want to participate but do not drink alcohol.

Do you have classes that are more advanced?
Yes we have beginner and advanced cocktail classes upon request.

Do you do corporate team building sessions?
Yes, our classes and instructors are trained to engage everyone involved as well as leave time for participants to interact.

We also have a professional team builder that can be included in on the call.
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