Tools of the Trade order Number 4 - Filling Holes

Get your mind out of the gutter! The holes mentioned in the title come from several decades living behind the vale that over consumption was more fun than professional consumption.

Most Bartenders truly love their jobs. Setting up the bar before the shift becomes therapeutic to most, then as people pour in you're so busy and having fun that time flies by. Sadly, society these days may sometimes look down at the ones who choose to serve as a career. Must we not forget that our dear friend Bob Dylan reminds us that "everybody serves somebody."

Before modern standards of what the word "career" means, the role of Bartender was many; responsibly serve alcohol, handle more than just the restaurants cash aka part time banker; therapist; dress well; and have a steady hand when in the middle of the craft.

The responsibility to serve alcohol back in the day was very important. The Bartenders knew how much effort and time went into creaking a well aged whiskey and did not just throw vodka+sodas at the patrons face till they blacked out. The back bar was meticulously crafted and designed to inspire awe, the bar tenders would reflect that in their dress and appearance.

Fast forward into the years when consumption was ubiquitously forced down our throats, im looking at you 80s 90s and 2000s. The sad thing is that we were all blindly in on it till several outstanding bar keeps decided to restore the classic craft. Luckily most of the tools of the trade and techniques were not completely lost and has made a massive comeback and alcohol has gotten its respect back (looking at you titos and white claw) Companies forced mediocre products with fancy labels behind the bar. The 9-5 became the 8-6, people had less time to enjoy a well made drink and instead went for the buzz that got to their head the quickest. We soon forgot that it wasn't about getting drunkest the quickest. Impatience started to become prevalent, impatience for quality, flavor, color, glassware. Attitude became the exchange between patron and preparer instead of relief and happiness. Some bar tenders forgot that it wasn't about attitude but a fun, relaxing or sensual atmosphere you and the restaurant creates.

In the last decade or so, some passionate people started the resurgence of cocktail culture. Praise the lord that they did because it is apparent we have all been missing the craft in our lives. This is where tools of the trade starts to fill holes. The clothing that surrounded bar culture had a lot of attitude and no creativity. Now that the creativity is abundant in beautiful restaurants, I was lucky to be surrounded by beauty for years now. The creative juices slipped into my spirit, and out poured these amazing images highlighting what makes our jobs fun and beautiful. A good, clean bar celebrates that bad ass tools they use; bottles, glassware, spoons, shakers, jiggers, strainers, all the Tools of the trade. Drinkers are now classy, prefessinal, well balanced and gorgeous.

Drinks went from being served with attitude to being served with passion. Clothes for bartenders, chefs, cocktail drinkers are going from attitude and no creativity to elegance  and creativity and fun. Wear the clothes proudly because what we do excites the people around and if you do it well you will be rewarded.


Cheers everyone!

Sammy G


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