Tools of the Trade Cocktail Recipe: The MANMOSA

In case you forgot, Thanksgiving is an all day drinking event. Prep this cocktail early while the beers are still cold and the OJ is still flowing. If the Mimosa is the Matriarch of Morning libations then the Man Mosa is the Patriarch. Drink both if you must but my first several sips of the day are usually this refreshing masterpiece. It serves both the health nut and the alcoholic in all of us, the optimal drink to fill your yin and yang. 

Don't be shy, give it a try. Miller High Life is the preferred beer but anything lite will do. Labatt Blue light is also a spectacular pairing option for all you hockey players out there.

The portions for this cocktail does not take a skilled bar tender to master. Crack a beer, take a few sips then add orange juice accordingly.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving week!


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