Tonight's Cocktail: Dependence

Equal portions: Family, friends, peers, co-workers, co-partiers, co...people.
Tools of the Trade took a another step forward this week with our first
professional photo shoot thanks to @heywhatupitsmehewitt driving from
Nederland, CO as well as @hoochaspen letting us shoot at their beautiful bar.
The stars of the show were the models, making the shirts and hats come to life
in ways that were beyond our expectations.
Dependence has a familiar taste; INdependence is savory when we are young and trying too hard to impress others with what we can achieve by ourselves. Like a cocktail with too much salt, it might be savory but without balance it is not palatable. A bartender by definition relies on combination of ingredients to achieve better and deeper flavors. The sooner you realize that your network is stronger than you will ever be, the easier your challenges in life will become. A good chef is key for a restaurant but he must focus on flavor, heat and timing; bartenders, managers, sommeliers must reflect the quality of the food and offer service with a smile where the chef cannot. Be genuine and nice to the people around you so that you can depend on your network when you need it most.

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