Let the Absinthe fairy free.

Tools of the Trade Fills the Absinthe Fountain

A true witches brew, just gather the likes of Artemisia Absinthium or by the more popular name of Wormwood, grab some green anise, a touch or two of sweet fennel and other herbs, roots, and spices. Distill to an incredibly high alcohol percentage, and bottle the green fairy.

When the time is right, or wrong for that matter, let the fairy fly. Grab your absinthe fountain and fill it with ice water, stage your absinthe goblets beneath the spouts and fill the goblet appropriately. Slide the absinthe spoon over the goblet and let a sugar cube come to rest, open the spout to a consistent drip. Drip Drip Drip then SIP. Sip slowly, oh so slowly because the fairy might be small but she is powerful. Dance around you as you fall into her trance. What seems like a Tinkerbell of your deepest delights can become a fright if you can not get yourself together before the nights end. Who says all magical creatures are our friends?

Absinthe is famous for its green hue, the main design of the Absinthe shirts comes in green but they look damn cool in the Black or White back grounds as well.

Feel free to contact @ToolsoftheTradebrands on IG to tell me about what your favorite Absinthe brands are.


Sammy G



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