How I went from making Old Fashioneds to New Fashion.

Tools of the Trade

The everlasting Old Fashion.

The Old Fashioned cocktail is both prolific and classic. Classic in it's ingredients (Whiskey, Bitters, sugar) but ever changing in it's preparation. Brown sugar, white sugar, cane sugar, raw sugar, simple syrup, gomme, demerera. Muddle, stir, rinse, dilute. 1 dash, 2 dash, 3,4,5, dash. Lemon twist, orange twist, cherry, or a combination of both. Rye, Bourban, American, sour mash.

While making thousands of these in front of patrons, you start to notice that the drink is taking note. Watching with wonder on how their Old Fashioned gets prepared. Bar spoon, Yarai glass, rocks, muddler, jigger and strainer. The Tools of the Trade wielded by the bar tender are the unsung heroes at the bar but are the stars of these designs. The drink gets drank and it's gone however the bar tools stay the same for every drink. On these shirts and hats though they will be the for everyone to see. Will it make them salivate or just make you look cool, that's for you to figure out when you wear a well fit shirt.

What whiskey do you prefer: Bourban, Rye, American or Sour Mash?

Enjoy the drink and enjoy the Clothes,


Sammy G



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